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Ningbo tinx Electrical Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of hair straighteners, hair curlers and hair straightening brushes. It is located in Ningbo , an open port city with convenient transportation.Over the years with strong technical strength, quality and mature products, perfect service system, has achieved rapid development, the technical indicators of its products and the actual effect of the majority of users fully affirmed and unanimous praise and access to quality product certificates, has become a well-known enterprises in the hair styling products industry.

Ningbo has the advantages of Chinese suppliers and the convenience of international trade. Like this city, Tinx Electrical is young and full of vitality. With her advanced technology, it has continuously developed many high-quality products to meet the needs of today's society and the development of customers' needs to help you open a new exciting world of infinite possibilities.

Tinx Electrical has a development team in the product designs and development for more than ten years. It tailors various products for customers and provides engineers with "one-stop". At the same time, we also carry out OEM/ODM processing according to customer requirements. Our products are widely sold theoughout the world. Our products are the leading brands in the industry.


In order to meet the needs of customers and internal management, Tinx Electrical has implemented and passed the ISO9001: quality management system and ISO14001: environmental management system. At the same time, as a supplier of Philips, since 2011. In terms of environmental protection and safety, We are committed to producing environmentally friendly and safe green products. Currently, all our products meet ROHS and CE requirements.

In the future, the company will continue to give full play to its advantages, always adhering to the tenet of "leading in science and technology, serving the market, treating people with integrity and pursuing perfection" and the corporate philosophy of "products are people", continuously carry out technological innovation, equipment innovation, service innovation and management method innovation, and continue to develop more cost-effective products to meet the needs of future development. Through innovation to continue to develop more cost-effective products to meet the needs of future development, quickly provide customers with high-quality, low-priced products is our relentless pursuit of the goal.

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STSGZ2008263137 - RoHS 2.0 Certificate STSGZ2008263137 - RoHS 2.0 Certificate
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